Tuesday, March 27, 2007

To run or not to run...

...that is the question.

Today is supposed to be a short run day for me. But I have not been feeling 100 percent and the weather has sucked (rain, wind, cold, etc) so I have yet to do it. I am thinking about taking the day off, actually. Tim has been sick, the kids have been waking me all hours of the night the past few nights and I am just tired! Plus, I did my Stroller Strides workout yesterday, and I am a little sore from the resistance training aspect. It was a great hour-long workout, though, and I have another one scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Anyway, if I do run tonight it will be on the treadmill. So I probably won't run more than two miles. Or maybe I could do my run tomorrow after the Stroller Strides workout. Who knows??


So I decided to use the treadmill for 30 minutes and call it a night. I power walked some and only ran one mile. I didn't want to push my legs if they didn't feel up to it. Plus, I really, really hate the treadmill. Really.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I think you made a good decision. Better to get past whatever illness you may have and get healthy. Then you can resume running a lot sooner than if you beat yourself down and then get really sick and are out of commission for longer.

J~Mom said...

I totally agree that was a great decision. You don't want to push through an illness!