Saturday, March 10, 2007

March madness!!

Tim and I just got home a little bit ago from the Humboldt State basketball game. It was a nailbiter, to be sure. We played Alaska/Anchorage in the first round of the NCAA Division II West Regional Championships. Humboldt is the number 1 seed, but the game was really close. In the end, Humboldt won, 68-61. Tim and I were nearly deaf and hoarse when we got out of the gymnasium. Good times.

Tomorrow we go head-to-head with Grand Canyon University. I'm guessing they're from Arizona. Ha ha! It should be another great game, and Tim and I will be there! If we win tomorrow, we advance to the West Regional championship game on Monday. And if they win the championship game, HSU moves on to the Elite 8 in Massachussetts. Fingers crossed!!!

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Nikki said...

Funny how you say "we" you played :p

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Did the kids go to? Did they enjoy it?