Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Something different

Today the kids and I tried something different.

I had read a story in our local paper a couple days ago about a new program starting in Eureka called Stroller Strides. It's basically a workout program for mommies with young children. The hour-long program includes power-walking with the kids in the stroller, resistance training and some abs work.

It sounded really cool in the story. Plus, I don't really have any mommy friends here, so I was anxious to be around other mommies for some grown-up conversation.

The class started at 9 a.m. today, so I had to get up before 8 to get ready. It takes about 20 minutes to get from the house to the mall, where the program was being held. I got there about 10 minutes early, and there were already six or seven other mommies waiting with their kids. I was happy about that because I had visions of me being the only mommy there. That would have sucked.

By the time the class started, about 20 mommies and 25 kids had gathered. I wasn't the only one pushing a double jogging stroller! LOL! We started with some group stretching which was nice, and then the power-walking began.

After a few minutes, we stopped at the first station. There we did some squats and worked our arms with this resistance band thing that had handles on each end. I could seriously feel the burn! It was very nice.

We followed that with more walking, stopping to do more exercises with the band (bicep curls, tricep exercises, etc.), jumping jacks (been FOREVER since I've done those!) and crunches. I felt like I was getting a great workout and was working up a nice sweat. The time went by quickly, and I had fun talking with some of the other mommies as we walked. It was a nice bunch of ladies.

The kids did great, too. Kara got out of the stroller near the end to run alongside me. Matty just sat the whole time, looking around and smiling.

There was a free raffle held at the end for everyone who participated. I actually won a prize! I got a water bottle, sippy cup and a certificate for a free week worth of classes!! Yeah!! I will definitely be using that!! Oh, and Kara was excited to get a free balloon.

The next class is Friday. I am already excited to go again! :)


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Cool blog! Found my way here from Jason's.

Looks like you are doing great with your running. Keep it up!

That stroller group sound great, too. Never to early for the kids to get involved either by the look of it.

J~Mom said...

Oh the stroller group sounds awesome!! I think there is one of those here, I need to check it out! Great job!!! You are working so hard and doing great!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Thanks for the post. You most certainly can add me to your list. I have added you to mine. I hope you enjoy reading it.