Friday, March 2, 2007

Still sick

I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

That's how the past two days have been. And I'm still sick today. No fun.

So I'm skipping yet another workout. I feel there's no way I could drag my tired, achy body outside to run. Plus, it's raining again.

I am hoping beyond hope that I feel better by tomorrow so I can do my long run. If not. I'll push that back to Sunday.

I really hate having to scrap workouts like this. But darn it, I just feel like crap!


teacherwoman said...

I just came across your blog... found you on Javamom's site! I hope you feel better soon!

Michelle said...

Sorry you're still so sick. It sucks to have to miss workouts, but better to wait until you really feel up to it. Hope that doesn't take too much longer!

Nikki said...

Yuck!!....SOrry your still all sick.

Being sick is such a drag especially when you cant excercise.