Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rock 'n' roll!! My first sub-eleven-minute mile!

I really wasn't planning on running fast tonight. But I got out on the road around 5:45 p.m. (kids stayed home with Tim), and it was threatening rain. The wind was blowing and it was chilly. I decided to take a slightly different route than I usually do for my early week run. I started slowly but felt really good. The first mile was over before I knew it. Great! The second mile, which is where I usually slow down, was faster than the first! Awesome! I was feeling so great that I knew I could break my personal best for three miles.

I sped up and it felt like I was flying. My Garmin beeped when I finished mile three. I looked and couldn't believe how fast I ran the last mile. Ten minutes, fifty-seven seconds. Holy cow! I jogged another 1/4 mile or so afterward, but I felt like I could have started running again. But I decided to head for home because it had started raining and dinner was waiting.

Hooray for the fast mile AND recording a new personal best for a three-mile run!

Today's stats:
Distance: three miles
Time: 34:23 (former PB was 35:21 set on March 8)
Pace: 11:26 minute/mile

Mile 1: 12:06
Mile 2: 11:15
Mile 3: 10:57 (boo yah!)


Nikki said...

ohhhhhh great job!!! Congrats Michelle!!!

Ohhh yeah baby! You rocked that one out, did you just fly home on adrenaline :)

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!! You are doing awesome with your training!!

Laurel said...

Awesome job on the sub 11 minute mile!!! What a great feeling!