Thursday, March 8, 2007

I *killed* it today on my run!

Oh man, I am loving the fact that running is getting easier!! And I'm getting faster!

I had a great run today. My body has felt great the past few times out and the weather is gorgeous again, so I decided to do three miles. It's my last run before my race, and now I am feeling more prepared than ever!!

I shattered my three-mile PR. And I kept my overall pace below 12 minute miles while pushing the jogging stroller!! Wow, it felt just awesome!! And I felt like I had a lot of gas left in my ol' tank when I was done.

Afterward, I let Kara out of the stroller and we walked about a mile more together. She ran, but ended up tripping twice and scraping her palms a little. She was OK though, and got up and kept running. Silly girl!!

Today's stats:
Distance: three miles
Time: 35:21 (previous best was 36:20)
Pace: 11:47 minute/mile (dude, I'm stoked about this!)

mile 1: 11:41
mile 2: 12:08
mile 3: 11:31 (holy crap!)


J~Mom said...

YAY!!!!!!!! You are improving so quickly!!!!!! Doesn't it feel just awesome!!!!!! WTG!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Woohoo!!!!! Awesome job!!!

You're making me that much more anxious to get back out there Saturday!

Nikki said...

Great Job Michelle!! pushin the stroller too...woohoo! SO race day will be a breeze :p

Can't wait to see the pics dh takes :)

Sonia said...

AWESOME! Good luck on the race!!! =)

Laurel said...

That's so awesome! And with a stroller too!
Have a great race!

Jess said...

whooo hoo congrats on crushing you PR! And best of luck in your race!!!