Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The importance of recovery runs

I think I now have a greater appreciation for the importance of recovery runs.

I did a short, slow recovery jog tonight, and boy was my body not happy with me!

Luckily I was able to wait until Tim got home from work so at least I didn't have to push the kids in the stroller.

The first mile or so my legs felt like lead weights. I couldn't believe how tight and unwilling to run they felt. The rest of me felt pretty good, so it was shocking that my legs didn't want to cooperate.

Maybe I should have waited one more day to run again, but tomorrow is going to be crazy-busy and I didn't know if I'd have time to run.

Anyway, I'm glad I did it, even though it didn't feel great.

Today's stats:
Distance: two miles
Time: 25:26
Pace: 12:43 minute/mile


J~Mom said...

Ugh, I am sorry it felt icky like that. Glad you got the run in though. Your next run should feel better. :>)

Nikki said...

well better then sitting on teh couch whining :p

I'm glad the rest of you didn't feel bad..just the legs..lol...JUST the legs :-X

Mary Christine said...

Yay! congrats on the race and the recovery run!

Sonia said...

You'll feel way better tomorrow for doing it even though it was tough at the moment!!