Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mind over matter?

Why is it when I am feeling a little blue that everything just seems to suck?

That's how I felt today. I am dealing with some wicked PMS (oh, how I hate it!) and have been feeling a little down since yesterday. The kids have been wearing on my last good nerve, Tim has been sick and I just really need a break!

I thought going for a run today would help clear my head and make me feel better. Not so much. The whole time I was thinking about how crabby I am, how much I want to ship the kids to Mars, how it felt too warm outside, how I want to take a long nap, etc., etc. It made it really hard to relax and enjoy the run, which was a bummer.

I hope I am not the only person out there who feels this way from time to time. I guess I am just a tad overwhelmed and desperately need a vacation. :(

Here's to a better run on Saturday!

Today's stats:
Distance: 3.5 miles
Time: 43.44
Pace: 12:27 minute/mile


Nikki said...

Yuck...that just seemed like one of those runs you dont record and try hard to forget :-X

Hope your night is looking up and you get a good nights sleep.

Here is to a better run soon!

Hope the kiddos take it easy on you tomorrow.

J~Mom said...


We all have those days!! I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Your run still looked pretty good to me! :>)

Laurel said...

HA! We ALL feel that way...don't worry. The important thing is that no matter how crappy you felt, you still went out and ran. That is way more than most people do...including me the past two weeks ;)

Mary Christine said...

I usually find that the week after a race I am in a weird state of mind.