Monday, March 5, 2007

Today accidentally turned into a long run


The weather was soooooooo gorgeous today that I just HAD to run!!

I had a chiropractic appointment, so I decided rather than drive there I would load the kiddos up in the jogging stroller and run there. Of course I had to rush because Kara made me late, but that was OK. After a warm-up walk, I ran 1.07 miles to the doctor's office. I finished the mile in 11:24. I made it with four minutes to spare before my appointment. Whew!!

After I was done, I decided to run a longer way home. I was only planning to do three miles total, but since I hadn't had a true long run in more than a week, I decided to try it today. My body was feeling good. My head cold has cleared up so that helped. The weather made the run seem easy! Sunshine graced my shoulders the whole way. And it was warm!!! There were a lot of other joggers out there today, along with cyclists and walkers. Lawnmowers hummed everywhere. A bumble bee tried to fly under my sunglasses. I think spring is on its way! :)

I figured since my race is a 4.1-miler, that I would do 4.1 miles today. I missed 48 minutes, but then again I was pushing kids and there were hills involved. I think if I stick to my main goal of coming in under 50 minutes then I will not be disappointed. And if I do finish in 48 minutes, it will just be gravy.

Today's stats:
Distance: 4.1 miles
Time: 50:02 (so close!!!)
Pace: 12:13 minute/mile
Mile 1: 11:24 (had to be fast to make that appointment!)
Mile 2: 13:16 (there was a big hill here)
Mile 3: 12:09 (getting faster)
Mile 4: 12:03 (getting faster still!)
1/10 mile: 1:07 (average pace: 11:47)

Best pace: 9:48


Nikki said...

Great job on making it a long run..and taking two kids :P

Do they talk the entire time? Ethan did was kinda a pain and I couldn't relax.

I have a strong feeling that your going to come in UNDER 48!!

Good luck!

Jason The Running Man said...

You can do it! Go Michelle! I'll be pulling for you.

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on getting that run in there!

Sonia said...

Awesome!!! =) And pushing two kids too that takes some muscles streght!!

J~Mom said...

Great job on your run!! You are going to do awesome this weekend!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

J~Mom said...

Hey, I copied your ticker. I hope it's ok! :>)