Sunday, May 20, 2007

My fastest five miles to date

I had to get my butt going earlier than usual today for my run. We're going to a birthday party for the four-year daughter of a friend this afternoon, so I knew if I wanted to exercise it would have to get done in the morning.

I planned to get up at 8 a.m. and leave, but Matty woke up then so I had to change and feed him and make sure he was back asleep before I went. Tim and Kara were still asleep, and I didn't want to leave if Matty wasn't asleep, too. He finally settled back down and I was able to head out around 9.

Even though I am not a morning person normally, I must admit that today was a nice day to run early. It was overcast and a bit cool, but not cold. And there was a hint of rain in the air. I love that smell. A lot of other people were also out, running, walking, cycling and milling around at yard sales.

The run was nice and relatively easy. I didn't put pressure on myself to run fast or make a good time. It's funny how that works, because even though I was going at what felt like a comfortable pace, I still ended up breaking a PR for five miles. LOL! It is so nice to know that distance is now getting easier. When I was done, I know I could have kept running for at least another mile or two, but I knew time was limited because of the party.

Now that I can finally run five miles in less than an hour, I know that a 55-minute five-miler is within reach. That is so exciting to me! And when I get there, I will aim for 50-minute five-milers. It's awesome to see what the body can do if you just give it the chance.

OK, I'm off. We have to leave soon to get a birthday present for this girl. I have no idea what she likes though, so it's going to be a challenge.

Today's stats:
Distance: five miles
Time: 58:34 (previous five-mile PR was 59:05 set during my 10K two weeks ago)
Pace: 11:42 minute/mile


Randy said...

Hi Michelle - a sub 60 minute 5 mile run is something I want to strive for as well. I've done one in practice but not an official race yet. Way to run.

Nikki said...

Oh great job Michelle! Makes for a great day all day :)

Gosh your kiddos sleep late!!

Hope you had fun at the party :)

Laurel said...

That's so awesome. You'll be there sooner than you think. I can't believe how far you have come even in the short time I have been reading your blog. Congratulations!

Marcy said...

WHOO HOOOOO!!!! Sounds like a perfect run!! And you're totally right!! When you stop wanting things so bad, is when they usually come to you LOL GREAT JOB!!! ;D

Wes said...

It does just keep getting better. Keep up the hard work!!

Jason The Running Man said...

WAHOO, CONGRATS! Great job. Awesome improvement it such a short time period.

Phil said...

Congratulations on your new PR. Getting under an hour for 5 miles is a big accomplishment.

J~Mom said...

Great job!! You are making such great progress!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the run! You are really making wonderful improvements. And from you previous post, you really can see the difference in the pictures...fantastic!!